State of the Industry: Global Meat News 2018

GlobalMeatNews conducted its annual ‘state of the industry 2018’ survey to gauge the current climate of the international meat industry.
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We collated responses from meat industry professionals and have compiled them to give a snapshot of how they see the sector performing in 2018. Topics covered in the survey include animal welfare, alternative proteins, environmental management, employment, investment and new product development.

The survey also covered what type of content readers want to consume, how often and how they look for it.

Among the report’s findings…

  • The EU is still the main target for export growth amongst meat producers, ahead of the Far East and the Middle East
  • Animal welfare is one of the most important issues for respondents, with 73% believing the industry needs more regulation
  • Exchange rates made for a volatile 2017 for businesses, and 2018 is expected to be the same as respondents brace for currency fluctuations
  • The pressure to reduce meat consumption is still on the rise

Other coverage includes:

  • Top 10 exporters
  • Top 10 importers
  • Country spotlight
  • Spotlight on each meat
  • Key findings
  • Trading relationships
  • Environment
  • Business impact
  • Mergers, acquisitions & jobs
  • Target areas
  • Animal welfare
  • Product development
  • Health & antibiotics
  • Top areas of interest
  • Alternative proteins
  • Regions of interest
  • World Steak Challenge

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