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Harpers Wine & Spirit

Harpers Wine & Spirit offers a range of print and online products and an exciting calendar of awards, tastings and events. At Harpers we are opening up the world of wine and spirits to you like never before with a digital first strategy designed to give you access to news, views and insights whenever and wherever you need it. We provide you with essential business information, at the time and in the publishing format you need: every day and not just every issue.

Harpers Wine & Spirit

Trusted for over 100 years by producers, suppliers and retailers from across the on and off trades, Harpers Wine & Spirit magazine provides unrivaled knowledge of the wine and spirit industry in print and digital format. Keep up-to-date with unique news coverage, analysis of key business trends and the latest market developments. Boost your drinks knowledge and be confident that Harpers monthly magazine provides the information you need to stay on top.

You can access our completely revamped website,, on any electronic device you like, be it your desk computer, your smartphone or iPad, taking the world of wine and spirits with you as you go. We have worked hard to break down the website's navigation and content to provide detailed, specific information bespoke to each of the main industry channels. News and top stories are posted daily and much content can only be accessed by our subscribers including the online directory and digital edition of the monthly magazine.

Harpers Directory

The Harpers Wine & Spirit Directory is your invaluable guide to who is supplying and selling in the world of wines and spirits. It is crammed with all the key company and contact information you need to stay ahead in the UK drinks industry, grow your business and make more informed decisions. This comprehensive source for UK wine & spirit industry information is available as a book as part of your Harpers Wine & Spirit subscription. The UK Buyers Guide is the comprehensive search of UK wine and spirits trade and the Wineries Guide covers over 7,000 leading wineries worldwide.

International Wine Challenge

The International Wine Challenge (IWC) is an annual wine competition. The International Wine Challenge (IWC) assesses every wine blind and judges each for its faithfulness to variety, region and vintage. Every wine is assessed independently of its price. Great value for money awards are made after the wine has been judged for quality

The IWC now has over 12,000 entries. The results of the competition are published on the International Wine Challenge website in May, in Harpers Wine & Spirit magazine.

Wine Vision

Wine Vision provides a unique environment that brings the leaders of the wine industry together to create a vision for a more profitable wine business. The event aims to inspire delegates with ideas for positioning their company for future growth and to be the catalyst for industry wide change.

Specialist Importers Trade Tasting (SITT)

SITT is designed specifically for wine buyers from the independent on and off trade, and for press visitors interested in ‘real' wines. Whether you are a writer or a buyer from a restaurant, hotel, retail or online environment, everything – wines, exhibitors, forums, generic participation – is created to give you the most useful day of tasting possible.

Italy Supplement

Baffling but never boring

For those who really ‘get Italy’, like plenty in the trade, that riotous mix of individual producers, regional styles and native grapes is a big part of what makes Italian wine so special. Italophiles would have it no other way – this is a land to get lost in and never escape from. But in high-tax Britain on the High Street that complexity is a bit of an issue.

Spain Report

Digesting Spain’s Wine evolution

Creating and then converting a buzz into solid, margin-delivering sales is surely the dream of every sales and marketing team, not to mention generic promotional body or, indeed, anyone involved in retailing a country’s wines.

South America Report

Strength in diversity

Bringing together the flavours and cultures of South America paints a wine picture that’s as colourful as it is diverse

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