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I think there is an assumption I already know what's happening yet there are still times when the first that I know about something happening is when I read it in The Grocer.

Christine Tacon, Grocery Code Adjudicator

As a fast-moving and insight driven business The Grocer is essential to our understanding of the marketplace for fast moving consumer goods in the UK and beyond. You help us grasp what’s going on out there!

Principal Director, Harrogate

The Grocer provides such a comprehensive review of the market that I hardly use other sources of information now. It’s a guru for sales, marketing, and senior managers alike.

Managing Director, Tyne & Wear

The Grocer is my favourite read of the week – a ritual on a Monday with a cup of tea. Fantastic and thorough journalism, they know what they are talking about and have done their research giving fantastic insight into brands and their products.

Senior Account Manager, London

The Grocer is referred to as the weekly ‘Bible’ in our office as it provides informative and up to date news on what is going on locally and globally.

Sales Director, Northern Ireland

I have been reading The Grocer since 1973 and it was and is THE most important trade magazine (and website now) in my career. It adds so much to my everyday working life. I can’t imagine a time where I don’t read it on Saturday morning!

Managing Director, Chichester

As I embark on a career in FMCG, I will always declare The Grocer my bible for current and accurate information.

Customer Marketing Manager, Shropshire

I like The Grocer because it is the BBC News of our industry i.e. up to the minute and factual.

Director, Convenience Store, London

Unlike many other trade publications The Grocer has successfully evolved with the changing marketplace and reader interests / requirements.

Chairman, Leicester

The Grocer is recognised as the Grocery ‘Bible’ and an essential read to keep up with movements in the industry in general.

Business Development Director, London

I find The Grocer a very easy read. Full of useful information, and very much up to date.

Director, London

When The Grocer arrives on a Saturday morning I have to fight two 14 year old boys as to who gets the first read! Proving that not only is it an essential trade journal but also an informative and entertaining read that captures the imagination of teenagers who will be the next generation of Grocer subscribers.

National Account Controller, Kent