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That old cliché of killing two birds with one stone couldn’t be better applied to going green if you tried.

The fact is, if things don’t change soon, the current environmental impact of daily life across the globe is likely to, somebody, make Earth uninhabitable. This guide has been created the help pub businesses large and small to make a difference.

If you’re thinking that your small contribution to running a more environmentally-friendly business won’t count in the grand scheme of things, you’re wrong. Something as simple as ensuring all of your venue’s recyclables are correctly disposed of can make a big difference. When you’ve made one small change, it then becomes easier to add another to your routine and before you know it, you’re saving money – and the world.

This 11-page guide includes:

  1. Contents
    1. Saving money
    2. Waste not…
    3. Throwing money away
  2. Expert Advice
    1. Negotiate a better deal
    2. Compliance
    3. Get onboard
    4. Packaging
  3. Learn from the leaders
  4. All the stats

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